Goodnight 10:00pm

Goodnight 10:oo p.m.

As I finally retire from a day beginning at 5:15 am I’m akwardly seeking sleep.

Sleep is always a bittersweet moment in my life when I rest my body & eyes for a few hours then tirelessly awake and pursue a different journey the next morning than before.

Its suprisingly exhausting, highly under rated, but the most rewarding feeling one can hope to have.

Every day I learn something new, everyday I seek to challenge my mind and gain my own self independence in this here real world.

I may go to sleep half sleepy, wake up barely awake… but I can say throughout each of my days I feel absolutely fantastic!!

I’m doing and experiencing life as I know it.

Through academic environments, professional spaces, even drama filled family settings.

Tia “The real life” isn’t exposing all of me but the physical and mental applications I try to apply in my everyday life.

With hope to encourage someone else to push themselves to their MAX!

Know, it’s not a easy process and you will, I repeat you will get tired, frustrated, even discouraged… my advice, ask a reliable friend.

Talk to someone you believe has significance in your purpose.

I do… I consult him and he may not even know it??

Yea, there’s always a guy… right?

Goodnight world.

“Leave a lasting impression¬† but build an even larger imprint”


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