No Snow dayz in college…


In elementary school even middle school you often got Snow days at school?

Aww, shall I take a moment to reflect…

Well, thats not the case when you reach the collegiate level.

No snow days, no two hour delays, no break down of the cafeteria or nothing!!

I had to drive in approximtely 2-3 inches of snow this morning on highway 37 just south of Indianapolis.

The highway was horrible and it took me nearly 2 hours on a normal 45 minute commute.

Sometimes life stinks, and this snow surely smelled like rotten fruit. Sarcastically speaking of course.

I used to enjoy walking on campus no matter the weather conditions but today February 9th it is truly an awfully cold experience.

No Snow days in college, aye?

Who thought of that anyway? I’d like to see some ID? Find these nose blowers that would consider making college kids truck in the mud/snow all day at a time like this.

I suppose I could quit my belly aching and man up and just deal…

Welp, Since I lack the necessary genital I shall proceed to wine and complain like the species I am! Yep proud of it.

I only have about four more classes to attend then back down that awful high way on my journey back home.

Well here it goes, No snow says in college. Tis Tis

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