2/10 Snowy News


A little Promo

Good morning.

It is 7:40 am and I am sitting in the news room at FOX59.

Today we have a packed writing staff  nearly all the computers were full!

I have managed to secure my seat to aid my Associate Producers (AP). 

Since I began working for Fox59 I’ve been attracted to the written language used in television broadcast.

I came directly from a print back ground in newspaper and the language took a little getting used to.

Now about five months into my internship I have developed the basic knowledge for “keeping it short” and “making it sweet.” Many of the writing staff have edited and revised my stories and help me discover different ways to express a story.

This job rocks!! Whether we’re reporting on the nasty, snowy roadways or the biggest slide-offs you can bet FOX59 is ON IT!!

Thus far we’ve reported on a four semi pile up in Hendricks county, accidents all over the city. so drive carefully!

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