Meeting DJ Topspeed


Turn Tables on set



While working at Indy’s Music Channel I was re-introduced to the legendary DJ Topspeed who guest starred on Werkk 1’s “The After Party.”

The show will air tonight at 1am so be sure to check it out!! IMC on channel 19 and on your cable local channel.  

A little about DJ Topspeed:

The former bboy turned dj in the early 1980’s has been tearing up the tracks since 85′.

Mastering the turn table style and formulating personal expertise on the mic.

He is truly amazing to see in action!

You wouldn’t expect a 6’6 tall white guy to rock the house with his rap & hip hop classic mixes but then again… you wouldn’t know Topspeed!

“So if you don’t know… you better ask somebody!!” 

He is a true genius!

Even taught the skills he’s acquired through a dj-ing class at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Center in Indianapolis for a few years.

Though teaching kids about dj-ing has spanned over 10 years.

With 20 years of experience… you can see when watching him on the tables the passion and confidence he possesses in his job.

I was fortunate to speak with him about music and he played some old school Mary J at my request.

The legendary DJ Topspeed asking me, TIA for a personal request??

The feeling was even better than a personal shout-out on the radio! Although I’m not opposed to that either.

It was a cool feeling to meet the man behind the music and see the white Kango he wears so proudly.

After chatting we Topspeed it was time to record the show. The chemistry he added to “The After Party” was great!

Everyone gave good energy and we had a fun time!

We had earlier recorded Deacon’s “The Tease” and JJ’s “Freestyle”

It was all in a day’s worth of work!!

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