Bad news can be Good news too!!

Hello All.

I have a dear friend. Someone I have been acquainted with since my early elementary days, I mean we go way back.

She gave me a call this morning half way in tears. It startled me at first but I then began to listen.

“Tia,” she exclaimed! “I just received some of the most horrible news, ever!” She proceeded to continue and I just knew one of two things… maybe she had a missed period or experiencing a bad break up.

Either way I knew this wasn’t going to be good.

“Remember I was cast in the play Romeo & Juliet?” I responded, “yes.”

Then she said, “Well the director had switched roles between myself and another girl before finalizing my role as Juliet.

We both read out of her script for several days before the announcement was made that I would play Juliet.”

So by now I am beginning to calm my nerves and try an understand why my friend was so hysterical. I still hadn’t got it.

Then, she proceeded to inform me of the opening of her show tonight.

“Congratulations!!” I yelled. “Thats great! You were cast as their leading lady. Whats so wrong with that? ”

Then our conversation took a turn for the worst. “Thats not the problem,” she said sadly. “The problem is that I’m starring at tonight’s program and instead of reading my name as Juliet, I am reading my competitors name.

The girl who nearly clenched the role from me in the beginning stages was mistakenly placed at the role of Juliet in the evening program. ”

She was completely mortified!

Her first leading role debut and her name unfortunately would be left out. How could that happen? I wanted to ask more questions but I could tell by the tone of her voice she did not know all the answers.

“My family is flying in to see the first performance and they will be astonished to see Clare’s name at Juliet instead of mine. I feel so disappointed.”

I could see the conversation needed some lively cheerful energy so I did what any friend would do…I said, “Who cares? Once they see you on stage they will all be amazed.”

I told her, “Look, at what you’ve accomplished thus far. Opening in Romeo & Juliet for hundreds of people on a sold out Friday night. That is definitely something to smile about.”

“So what your name will not be mentioned in this first night program due to error but you will still have this acting credit on your resume.”

There is beauty in ugly news. You just have to find the good with that bad.

Although my friend was disappointed about the error in the program she just needed to focus on all the good things still happening around her.

This is a great example of how we can allow the smallest mistake to over shadow the

Seeing the Light outside the tunnel

accolades, awards, and achievements. My friend serves as an example to us all that you have to take the good with the bad.

They give you lemons, you have to make some lemonade… just like that!

Don’t get boggled down with small detail that won’t at all affect a great performance, effort, or hard work. All you have to do is keep moving, and it’ll all get better!

Good Luck friend on your opening night dear Juliet!!

And sometimes bad news makes you focus on the good news still out there. Just dig.


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