School Bus Accident in Avon… Fender bender

This morning;

At approximately 7:15 a.m. this morning we got word from dispatch a local Avon school bus was involved in a minor accident.

It was reported that school  children were on the bus at the time of the accident.

Fox59 were on it sending myself and Grove a photographer out to investigate.

Once our general assignment manager Myranda assigned it Grove and I were ready within 3 minutes.

Grove and I have been out in a live truck a few times before .

We jumped in a live satellite truck and proceeded to head southbound on 65 to highway 36.

It turned out that the bus accident was minor and as we arrived on the scene police and firefighters were preparing to leave.

Merely a fender bender off side on Country Road 150 South.

Even though we didn’t record any shots or interview any pass or byers… I was ready with my pen, pad and a few questions in my head. 

I am getting accustomed to the life of the reporter. Each day there is something different to look forward too.

Today, we had live in the studio wedding expert Christa!

Did you know 60% of brides get engaged between Christmas and Valentine’s Day? With Valentine’s Day  behind us new brides got some decorative, color, and placement tips for their 2010 wedding!!

Stay tuned to FOX59 morning news… Their On It!

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