Love Your Body Day


At Indiana University they are celebrating the “body” today. Neat concept, right?


 Well of course!! You only have one body so it is important to take good care of it.

Remember our Mothers spending countless hours lecturing us of the importance of brushing our teeth, combing one’s hair, and washing oneself properly everyday. 
Not to mention eating healthy which is a concept further explored through adulthood.   
However the adult mind  sometimes begins to process body conception differently than the essential grooming  as we all learned early on in life.
Body image comes into the conversation as you hit each stage of development!

 Guys experience testosterone more rapidly, women develop breasts and menstrual cycles and we begin to acquire certain clearer understandings about our body. Or we think we do? 

Love your body day is a day when we recognize the healthy, grooming, and mature characteristics of one’s body. Taking care of your body is not simply cleaning, but a combination of eating healthy and exercise. 

For women, body image can produce lower self-esteem depending on an “excess” or “lack of.” 

As a lady around 5’1/5’2 I sometimes struggle with my size in comparison to other ladies my age. On average I am smaller than this age and height group. This can be damning if I choose to over analyze and emphasize my “lack of” in comparison to others. 

Many of my friends in fact share similar discourses. A friend (whose name I will not mention) believes she has “excess” belly fat… While shopping in the mall the other day she purchased a body slimmer. 

A body slimmer for my male audience is stretched material that is center around the belly area that squeezes that fat into an elastic or zip up style band. Painful? Yea, I know. 

My friend who is nearly the same height feels her belly fat is in “excess” so she is responding with trying to correct or temporarily fix this issue. My problem herein lies the “fixing.” Although the body slimmer will work for her tighter more snug outfits, it will not change her perception of her personal body image; “excess” belly fat. 

This misconception of buying products to temporarily fix an ailment is rooted deeply in capitalism. Commercialism. Most of the powerful C’s!! 

Body image is one of the most radical problems women and men face. Yes, I am aware men have this problem with abs, hair loss, even genitalia. That perception its a women thing is no longer the case. 

We have to love our bodies for the “excess” and even the “lack of” because we could gain emotional control, emotional stability. I speak through my own experience and the combinations of experiences of friends and family. 

The conversation of body needs to start with you! 

What do you love about your body first? Me? I love my legs. As a petite young lady I find joy that I was blessed with a healthy, sizeable, shapely legs!! Their gorgeous. I am very proud. 

I am also proud of the entire package but I focused on one specific part. 

The composition of people needs to be diverse or the world would be a boring place. If we all were purple or blue… that could get boring. Or if we all were tall, or all short… we couldn’t differentiate or isolate one another. 

Body image is a form of social isolation. You isolate yourself from believing you are awesome at whatever size, shape, or hue. 

I want people to begin thinking about helping your friends and family discover how they should love their “excess” or “lack of” and tell them… 

“It’s All Good!!       


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