WHHH’s Next Radio Star Contest

Have you heard? Its been all over the Hot 96.3 radio air waves.

Rockn the Mic


WHHH is looking for the next big thing… in Radio that is!!! Which I’ve observed is not the easiest, prettiest job in the world. You get grimey, ill… It takes alot of  hard work, everyday. 

The Contest is said to hold open auditions for anyone interested in a job with a number one radio station.

How does it work?

1. Go to 


 Click on Contests!

2. Scroll down to find the info about the Next Radio Star

3. Attend one of the scheduled event days to audition!!

And thats it!!! They will collect all auditions and decide on final contestants. Finalists will be voted on by YOU!! Yes, you heard right Indy! You will choose the next radio star!!

As a busy intern I decided to audition. I mean… it wou;dn’t hurt right? Actually, you can catch my part of my audition on Indy’s Music Channel this Friday at 8a.m. on Deacon’s The Tease hour.

Catch me this Friday on IMC channel 19!

The audition process was not painful and I seemed like a natural up there. Be sure to check me out and stay tuned to see if I get selected as a finalists!!

Be productive everyone! You only grow through mistakes and competition. Compete today, even if you lose wage a bet for yourself and keep up the fight. 

Your only as good as your last performance so make each day count!!


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