Waka… Flop! Concert details

Waka Flocka Flame

With his smash club hit ‘O Lets Do It’  Waka Flocka Flame was expected to draw a big crowd. And He did! By Friday February 19th  ticket sales had nearly sold out for his ISU debut & Saturday’s club performance.

Performance indeed! Singular.

Indy’s hottest westside club Tropicana hosted the event Saturday with a packed house of fans.The large crowd squeezed in by 2:00a.m. Tripled single file lines throughout the building especially VIP where holding bottles of Goose, Patron, and Moet seemed like a necessity.

Indy dressed to impress with the fella’s rockn Jay’s & fitted caps and a lil bling. Ladies held it down with the popular stiletto boot cut look with the stylish mini black dress.

Flame’s openers included Indy’s own M.B.E  G Fresh holding it down for Monki Boy Entertainment. Performing his national hit ‘On My Mama’ which got the crowd loud & juiced before Flame’s performance.

Also  in the building many local artist like True from Nappyville was spotted at the bar.

G Fresh hit the stage with his Haughville swagger introducing two new records that appeared to hold the crowd’s attention.

With the stage already heated up for the one hit sensation, the crowd turned to vocals chanting ‘O Lets Do It’s’ ,’O Lets Do It”,’Yeah!’

‘Yeah’ could not come quick enough as I glanced down at my watch to see it was almost 3.00a.m. and no Waka Flacka yet?

2:57a.m. exactly I recall and Flame was apparently stalling. Stalling for maybe more hit records which by now could take him awhile.

When Flame finally took the stage just after 3:00a.m. (right when the club was expected to close) Indy’s crowd moved slightly.

Dreds, a black tee and a gold chain were the minimal highlights for his Midwest performance. His small frame and deep voice did slightly amuse the crowd for all nine minutes.

Indeed. Flame performed nearly 2 songs including his one smash hit ‘O Lets Do It’

Flame still has a lot more work to do and many more stages to rock since it’s so early in his hope-to be career!

As he stated in a previous interview, he could just be a one-hit wonder which after Saturday’s night show I would have to agree with him totally. The crowd was hyped for seven of those nine minutes as Flame undressed for the ladies.

Waka Flacka had an athletic build that put a smile on the ladies face even some of the men. Ughh. I know.

Overall I grade this performance a D+

For those of you that disagree let me tell you why?

Since Waka has one popular track ‘O Lets Do It’  the length of his show still needs more work. Maybe a freestyle, Gucci hook something to get the crowd by their ears.

Secondly, just jumping round stage does not make you the next Jeezy or Wayne. Flame gotta catch his own swagger in the game and he has plenty of time to perfect it and write some more studio hits.

It wasn’t the worse, but pretty darn BAD!

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