‘The Shift’ Investigation Discovery

Detective Christina Mannina & I

             Today on FOX59’s Morning Show we featured Christina Mannina from the hit show “The Shift” on Investigation Discovery channel.

   The Shift is a one hour series that follows the  Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department specifically homicide detectives;


           Christine Mannina, Lesia Moore, Tom Tudor, Jesse Beavers, Chuck Benner and Todd Lappin.


 This All star squad of detectives perform with a high elasticity of solving and bringing home justice.

               The high-powered investigative drama focuses on the ‘life and crimes’ in the city of Indianapolis.

               As lead Detective for Indy’s Violent Crime Unit, Christina Mannina joined Fox59 briefly this morning and chatted about personal life since the show.

               “I get stopped a lot now and recognized when I’m out” said Mannina.

When asked about the new season if there would be any door busting?

Mannina replied, “You’ll have to watch to find out’

She praised her Detective Unit exclaiming their “A” personalities help make it much easier to work with.

When asked about the process of shooting Mannina replied, “Camera’s often go unnoticed because we get into a grid mode to solve crimes”

Detective Mannina and staff have a long track record of solving the most crimes in her Unit.

You can watch Detective Mannina on  “The Shift” Wednesdays on Investigation Discovery.

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