Relationships… here today, Gone Tomorrow

My Mama always said, “You’ll love, love, and love again…

Though how come she didn’t say each time would be different? Each time we so foolishly enter into trivial yet meaningFUL bonds.

We tend to forget proper protocol when it comes to calling before you go out, or canceling girls night because the guy demands all your attention.

Fresh love is the best love. When everything is brand new and you barely know what makes each other tick. The best part is finding those quarks out. What makes him smile? How does he make you smile? The pursuit of happiness, really?

It’s a conscious companion that will hold you tight through the storm, give you peace when it’s gone. That’s all relationships provide, a companion when it’s most needed and desired. A companion to be your fire!!

It’s cool, a relationship and all. As much as people diss the idea or refuse to enter into one… everyone wants to have one person to understand them, hear them, be there for them especially when the goings get worse.

Don’t doubt it, relationships require a lot of work on both sides of the fence and only the strong survive. The important part to remember is human’s (people in general) are disappointments! Sadly enough your mate will disappoint you at one time or another. You may disappointment your mate as well.

The trick is understanding and moving through problems not letting them become you!

From history, single people have just as many problems if not more than couples and marriages contend with. The single life is the most difficult because you have to constantly be aware of  who and what you’re dealing with.

Single life is an abundance of short comings, or primarily temporary satisfaction. Your temporarily satisfied by a date, movie, friendship but its Here today then gone tomorrow. Your telling yourself your only worth a small amount of someone’s time. You fail to commit not just to relationships but other area’s in your life.

It’s a cycle! That is difficult to break, even after you’ve committed to one special person. Single life is addictive!!

Though there will come a point when you decide to be addicted to an idea that has survived the test of time… Love.

We all want it!!! Whether from our immediate friends, close family, or a loved one. It’s a learned emotion that is conciously in the minds of most people. I love the idea of love because it can heal all wounds and leave sacrs.

The choice is yours~

I walk through life with bandaids just in case I need to patch a broken heart or replace a distant friend. It’s like my Mama always said, “You’ll love, love, and love again.” So will you???

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