March comes marching in!!

Good morning. Good March morning to you!

I’m @ Fox59 studio’s with Ray Cortopssi & Angela Gadnote. If you missed this morning’s show boy were you in for a treat.

Dr. Greg Sipes stopped by the studio and discussed tips parent’s should be aware of as students near Spring Break.

As an IU student, break cannot come fast enough!! Angela made a special shout out to me in the studio during Dr. Sipes segment highlighting my eagerness for break.

Dr. Sipes said, “Parents should focus on the three C’s: Communication, Context, and Consequence when talking to your kids about Spring Break.”

He said it’s always best to communicate with your kids about the environment they will be in during their vacation. Also understand how their response maybe limited to one word per year of their age. Short, “I know’s” or “I’ll be fine.” Won’t suffice for good communication.

Also, be aware of the context of your kids trip. Make sure they are knowledgable about the groups they are with and their surroundings. The context can often affect behavior so its important to share with them the consequences of bad actions.

In house we also heard from Dr. Mankis who aided Haiti in medical care just 30 miles south of Port-Au-Prince. She briefly recalled her experience which spanned nearly 10 years with Liberty Medical and Haitian relief efforts. Check out Fox59 Links to find out more information.

Lastly, we featured Mary Susan with our 9:15a.m. “Mommy Magic” segment. The segment focused on going green.

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