Postal Service; Don’t get postal…

A recent article in the USA Today reported that the Postal Service will reduce mail delivery this month from a six-day work week to a five-day work week. That could mean a lot of angry postal workers!!

According to Postmaster General John Potter this move is critical.

This comes in part due to the Postal Service’s massive debt.

They are predicting less mail by the years 2020 which is not a wasted prediction.

If you look at the service industry most companies and organizations provide email addresses, online products, shipping & delivery by phone, etc.

The use and objective of the mail man may soon be here say. Since much of today’s world lives by predictions and forecast;

What is to happen when one of the largest employers begins laying off workers and eliminating jobs??

I think the postal service would definitely get postal as the old saying follows.

The demand for the position of ‘mail man’ is indeed in high drought. Not alarming to some however 30 or 40 years ago the mail man was the most respected, highly paid positions in the community. More urban communities that is.

My Grandfather use to work for the postal service of greater Indianapolis and he made a decent living since traveling the world, having land ownership, establishing himself even there after.

The article further explains how important the Postal Service is to the American infrastructure. Again, stressing my concern for mail men even the delivery drivers for such institutions.

As many Americans begin to pay their bills online and send less things through the service revenue is subjected to further decline. At the bottom of the article you read that a “proposed” proposal is already preparing to lay off or consolidate 154 post offices throughout the USA.   

My second concern is the reconsideration of placing money aside for retiree health care benefits!! What??


When employers have to reconsider taking care of their employee’s long after their service, government service is given should not be denied on accountability of less revenue!! Company standards need to improve because they issue such statements that reflect their interests and not that of their employee’s. Mail men who actually are responsible for executing the company’s main source of function.

The Postal Service could get postal!

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