Fast food service sloppy hands

Today while having lunch at a local Bloomington fast food chain I discovered a nasty little secret.

Food workers handling food with no gloves?

I am not 100 percent familiar with food safety & hygiene practices for food service workers however I am sure open palms and bare fore arms do not make a good BLT.

As I patiently waited for my eight piece chicken tender I evaluated a Manager who was plainly dressed handle paperwork in one hand and place orders in bags and trays with the other…

This appeared like a typical activity that was engaged in at this fast food restaurant. Employee’s handling french fries and hamburgers without any plastic material protecting my food from possible hand germs from their workers.

What an easy way to containment food when dealing with bare fingers, pieces of paper, and heavy metal.

Fast food chains should create better policy when it comes to dealing with serving food items and the cleanliness of its organization.

All employees handling the packaging, and preparing food should be required to wear gloves to protect the safety of it’s customers from germs and bacteria.

I was pretty disgusted to see french fries roll off the top of the workers fingers back into the large pan. Someone will have to eat those.

Words of wisdom… Pray over your food because you really aren’t aware of how sanitary yo favorite fast food chain actually is!!

Take care of yourselves…

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