China (UN)civilized food practices…

Guangzhou, China.

When you see dogs barking behind locked fences and cats stock piled in the dozens you notice this ‘ain’t’ no pet shop. This is the meat market on the streets of Guangzhou, China.

However recent reports show an overwhelming concern for animal welfare in their country. A ban is being proposed on the eating of animals to establish China among the civilized regions.

Dog and cat are among the delicacy for many Chinese local restaurants. Common specialties are dog soup, dog steak, and dog tofu.

Many of these practices are not unknown to the Western world or highly publicized by the media industry. However Chinese government along with scholars are aggressively looking at this cultural practice as ‘uncivilized.’

Leading the non dog non cat appetite campaign is Professor Chang Jiwen of the Chinese Academy of the Social Sciences.

He argues that cats and dogs are among human friends and show be treated as such, not food sources.

Although this dog eating tradition spans throughout Chinese history even too Korea it comes apart of a larger agenda to avoid upsetting international visitors.

This would be a well calculated strategic government move to appeal to larger international audiences for future investment, partnerships, and trusts. Chinese government in doing such an aggressive campaign could however upset its local grassroot basis Chinese supporters.

Reaction and feedback of local peoples has yet to surface outrage or disgust of this ban. 

Local claim dog meat is a healthy food choice that helps the metabolism.

Is this a political stunt issued through the Chinese government to stark criticism and debate among their voters, or could this be another way Chinese officials, scholars seek to eventually rise to the world power status Western worlds occupied thus far?

Ask questions…

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