Shooting at Ohio State 1 killed 2 wounded

Only Kent Blog

Around 3:30 a.m this morning policed were called to a campus maintenance facility at Ohio State University. Police Chief Paul Denton responded to the call while campus police searched the nearby building’s for their suspect.

Reports claim the shooter came into the building and proceeded to open fire, killing one co- worker and injuring another. This incident took place near the footbal stadium reports claim.

When police apprehended the suspect reports claim he was among the injured,  making the wounded count two.

No students were injured during the shooting and classes were held at their regular schedule today.

Ohio Police Chief did not release any names because they are hoping to find a motive behind this tragic event.

This shooting comes nearly one week after nation wide student protest of University budget cuts, lay-offs, and tuition hikes. My blog entitled “Students paying more for less” specifically discussed issues among universities severe budget cuts for ad junk professors, graduate instructors, and tuition increases a like.  

Could this in any way be a continuation of the out cry among faculty, staff and students at one of the nation’s largest universities?

This raises many questions for administrators as they make sense of this campus shooting. Will further action be taken to strengthen public and student safety at Ohio State? 

There are certainly many unanswered questions in this case which is still under investigation at this time.

Stay Informed, ask questions!

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