Breaking History… ‘reform’


The push to extend health care to 32 million uninsured American’s passed in the House of Representatives yesterday.

This news comes months after the passing of late Senator Ted Kennedy, former forerunner for Health care reform in Washington, would indeed be pleasant with such a victory today.   

House votes came close having  212 Republicans oppose the bill while Democrats persistent success with 219 votes.

Health Care reform that had originally been suggested in President Obama’s “Yes We Can” campaign in 2008 pulled through one year of vigorous legislative battles, partisan politics, and nuisance town-hall debaters to make it to this very moment.

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi delivered the final speech that announced the passing of the bill which is has to be considered by the President and formally signed.

Health care reform was called “The last unfinished business of our society,” however outraged Republican’s reportedly seeking lawyers to attack what soon-to-be law with all they’ve got.

The ever more popular Senator John McCain spoke on ‘Good Morning America’ this morning about just that.

Republicans plan to launch from now to mid November an aggressive anti health care bill campaign that plans beat it down. “We’ll challenge it, every place we can,” said McCain.

The new legislation would call for a 940 billion dollar expense over the next ten years that would reach more uninsured Americans than the past century alone.

History is indeed an important guidance tool for Washington and American’s alike in part when President Franklin D. Roosevelt called upon Congress in 1939 to extend or expand health coverage for Americans the need was felt. Similar to President Obama’s preoccupations it is influential to the nation’s social security as well.

Today marks a moment where politicians broke from partisan history and adhere to the need of the people.

This country was founded on Puritan principles as our Constitution reads ever so clear, ‘For the people, by the People.”

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