I AM… Warrior

I am…         Warrior

My hand stretched thin,

my legs gaping wide,

making it through these troubles,

I conquer, unite, and divide.

I am…                 Warrior

soft and kind,

ready for battle

always on the frontlines.

I am…       Warrior

fighter and protector,

defender for your needs

sole provider for your shelter.

I am…       Warrior

camouflaged in red armor, blue spirit

one up from the opponent

scared but mightily independent.

Battlefield scars

Tarnish and stained these clothed figures,

Timeless, relentless faith

Is all we have to cherish to remember? September.

Our wounds left unattended,

years gone by unshielded… but taped layers repair

down but never out

being neglected from the most tenderness of care.

I am…         Warrior.

Leader of my troop, destined to command my fleet,

Life’s unchartered waters, drowning in defeat

I am…                      Warrior… destined and free.

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