Cheetah on Fox59

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The Morning Show with Ray Cortopassi and Angela Gagnote from 4:30am – 10:00am featured an exciting, wildly feature guest.

The Indianapolis Zoo announced a new arrival to their animal family, the cheetah.

Through a partnership with the Columbus Zoo & Nubia, Indianapolis received two cheetah’s this week as apart of a brand new cheetah exhibit coming to the zoo.

The cheetah named Row appeared on the Morning Show as a model of the cheetah awareness campaign. The important focus is conservation education because cheetah’s are at a vulnerable state in the wild and could possibly face extinction.

The new facility is expected to open Memorial Day Weekend and kids and parents will have a chance to race a cheetah in a safe environment.

Cheetah’s on average have speed from 0-65 miles per hour in seconds.

The Indianapolis Zoo is also partnering with Nubia to receive more animals due to their large population in Africa.

Log on to to find out more about the cheetah exhibit.

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