Stepping it Up in the studio

Prompter, Encoder, Sound Board @ IMC

Hey what’s up everybody!!

It is your favorite Intern here in the IMC studio today.

I am holding it down while my boss, the lovely Mrs. Gill is on vacation.

Yes, that means I am working on my off day… No shame in that!

Hard work does pay off!!

We’ve had an interesting Monday so far, we’ve taped Deacon’s The Tease and Ms. JJ’s Freestyle shows this afternoon.

Watch Hot 96.3 Deacon weekdays @ 8am
See ‘your mid day girl’ JJ weekdays @ 2pm

IMC play’s music videos around the clock. Non-stop!

Some upcoming events you should be sure to check out are;

April 3rd> Hot 96.3 Annual Easter Egg Hunt Saturday @ 10am Children nine and under Registration starts at 9am!

April 4th> Concert @ White River lawn featuring Daughtry Admission is free!! 12pm- 8pm

April 4th> T-pain party of Champions @ the Scotish Rite Cathedral. Check out indyhiphop for more info

Still to come we have Wrekk 1 & DJ Topspeed hanging out on The After Party show.

I will be holding it down on Camera 1 2 & 3 as the in house “cue director.” (Intern lingo)

Standing by in 3.. 2… 1!

Here we go…

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