April Fool’s Day

Welcome to 2k10 April 1st!!! This is the first day of the fourth month for those of you that maybe wondering. What an exciting time for all of us Midwesterners… Spring is in full effect.

Easter 09'

This morning I could hear the birds chirping lovely sounds while I was walking to my car. The drive to Bloomington this morning was absolutely beautiful!!

The horses I passed along highway 37 were stunning than the Thursday before.

Why is April a month for Fool’s…?

Fever! Spring Fever happens when you no longer have the energy to stay inside of the house, school, work, or anything.

You just want to sit outside with some thong sandals have a glass of lemonade and relax. What fun times the spring brings. How close are we to Summer?

As time ticks away I have just under five weeks of school left!! I will have completed my undergraduate degree within a few short weeks.

I hope, for my sake  I can meet the challenges of my instructors and fulfill the necessary requiremets. What am I saying I know I will, and I know I can.

What a fool of me to second guess that! Welp, guess that’s how it goes this month…

Happy April to you! Keep reading…

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