Waiting to the last-minute… Procrastination

Procrastination is not just a fifteen letter word found in the Webster’s Dictionary it’s very reactionary.

Most people procrastinate when an opportunity is lost in fact or other’s prefer to delay or defer their necessary obligations.

See ME, I’m neither of the above.

I usually wait to the last-minute or just before the cut off because it psychically suits me better. I have friends that always do stuff right. I call them the “On time, every time” friends. The ones that tend to be neat, tidy and all put together. Then, I have my get it wrong type of friends. These are the ones that usually get the difficult decisions wrong and hung up on the smallest insignificant things.

So then there’s ME! Waiting to the very last-minute to turn in an assignment, set up a meeting, send an email, request a reservation, order pre sale tickets, arrive on time, create a Powerpoint, make a dentist appointment, join a volunteer group, buy a black dress for cocktail hour, get plane tickets, book a hotel, tell a friend how I really feel, confront an issue, deal with a problem, or even ask for help.

Procrastination is not just a word. It’s Life! My life. Maybe even your’s too.

Waiting to the last-minute just suits me however. I’ve never been big on turning my assignments in weeks in advance, or booking my flight and hotel months in advance… So who am I hurting? Really?

Will I lose out on a couple of hours of sleep cramming for my next exam, or typing my final paper, or will I simply lose the window seat on the airplane?

The REAL Problem:

I tend to run into more trouble when ‘feelings’ are involved.

I have a tendency to wait to the last-minute to tell a person, lover, or friend how I feel. That procrastination can prove most hurtful.

Waiting to the last-minute to tell a boyfriend or fiance that you do care for them a=or love them has been most regretting for me.

I have faced many challenges and obstacles in my lifetime however love procrastination is truly the hardest.

In my schoolwork, in my profession, with my personal life procrastination has got to go!!

Many of us don’t wake up and decide we are going to engage in such lazy, selfish behavior… however we entertain these notions and antics for years.

How long will it take for you? Me?

Some questions we wish we had the answers too. Though some answers are crystal clear. You just have to be willing and courageous enough to deal with them and fix it.

I’ve reached a point where I have to be in control of my own situation and not let lack luster effort dictate that for me.

We all play a part in the waiting game… We simply choose to get in the game or take ourselves out!

The waiting to the last-minute game is up!

I am determined to beat this procrastination demon out!! (so to speak)  It has got to go!

A friend of mine said, “Admitting” or “Accepting” one’s flaws in the toughest part. 

To my Indy Intern readers:  you all know now. My ugly little habit.  

So I’m hoping you will help me change my behavior. I’m counting on you!!

This is a community blog so if you have a story feel free to share below in the comment section.

I know I am not alone in this so be courageous to share.

I did 🙂

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