‘Heather’s Law’ Dating Violence

A new law will implement for the first time education on dating violence.

When pop singer sensation Rihanna and long time boyfriend Chris Brown made headlines after allegedly getting into a physical altercation before the Grammy’s in 2009 couple violence gained attention.

Dating violence became highly publicized in the media thereafter.

Recalling Robin Givens rocky marriage with heavy weight Champion Mike Tyson or more recently Charlie Sheen’s attempt to threaten /stab his wife during Christmas in 2009.    

Dating violence has been aggressively campaigned by victims families, politicians, school teachers, and administrators to address this year. 

Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana will sign a bill entitled Heather’s Law this afternoon to deal with couple violence.

In 2007 Heather Norris of Indianapolis was only 20 years old when she was tragically murdered by her high school boyfriend.

The legislator passed the bill last session and today will be signed.

This bill will implement in Indiana school systems dating violence education programming materials which will be modeled and voted on during 2011 school year.

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