Lets Talk Basketball? Lakers vs Celtics

Could the 2k10 National Basketball Association Final series Lakers vs. Celtics end the long curse of the green Leprechan?

Could this series similar to 1969’s Jerry West forty-two point defeat compare to Bryant’s magnificent performance thus far?

Granted these are all previous speculations concerning this year’s NBA final’s team however fans everywhere must acknowledge the history between such memorable fan favorites.

Boston Celtics having already won the numbers game ranking in at number one for most NBA titles @ 17

While the Los Angeles Lakers fall in second place ranking in with only 15 titles.

History proves when final’s come to town Boston has the agility to pull ahead in clutch situations and win.

For example during the Magic- Bird years  in 1984 the Celtics and Lakers were matched in the series and it proved most significant to fans that had seen Boston swipe Championships out of the Garden years prior.

 Minneapples Lakers vs Boston Celtics would definitely make franchise history in the next two decades selling out arena’s, creating star players, and building a legacy for basketball fans alike.

Although the Celtics would go on and sweep the Minneapples Lakers in 1959 series Boston continued to mark its dynastic territory year’s later.

The 1984 series L vs C would again disappoint a widely anticipated Laker crowd going to Boston four games to Los Angeles three.

Man, it seems history is on the Celtics side when you look to the 2k10 NBA finals… BUT   

With all the wondrous accounts of history between the Lakers and Celtic’s rivalries and what not one must ask themselves one question…

Can Mr. All-star himself, Kobe Bryant attack the curse of the leprechaun and defeat the green jersey’s?

Basketball fans tell me what you think??


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