I’m such a ShowOFF!!

Meet the newest writer for one of thee hottest midwest entertainment magazines out right now… ME!

That’s right! I’m the newest writer for ShowOFF magazine. You can check my stories out the next issue coming July 8th.

Read my editor’s summary below!!

These two ShowOFF’s know exactly how to bring the fire with each new issue bringing hotter celeb’s than ever before! Whether it’s their ability to consistently challenge themselves and do what other magazines can’t… you better believe Daki and Brandon will make it happen.

ShowOFF is more than a magazine it’s a lifestyle mannnnn! This duo has combined graphic design talents as well as unbelievable entrepreneurial skills. When Daki’s not interviewing celeb’s or doing photo shoots with Brandon you will see him growing his graphic design firm Daki Dezain. While Brandon remains firm with his high ambitions to pursue a college degree in possible marketing or graphic design. Either way these guys know how to get the job done!! With swagga at a trillion these gentlemen already possessed the confidence in ShowOFF right from the start!

Having began this process in 2006 after an argument in high school over who was the better graphic designer; this pair has been unmatched thus far. If you asked Daki why ShowOFF is the best Midwest entertainment magazine he’d reply, “Bottom line, comparing ShowOFF to those other magazines is like comparing Mercedes brand to Kia.”

99 times out of a hundred these honest, hard working even more so talented entrepreneurs make things happen… in ShowOFF style of course. One a big fan of music and the other a big supporter of the youth just can’t be stopped!  ShowOFF magazine is importantly an outlet “where nobody can become somebody.” It’s all in how effectively an artist, musician, talent, advertiser chooses to reach an audience with over 10,000 copies published.

With cars, models, entertainment and more why not ShowOFF!! Lets Go!  

Check out the magazine’s website below!


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