Secrets to Greatness; the Persistence Test

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Throughout one’s life you can expect to face setbacks, or unavoidable situations.

That’s a given for many of us.

The unique part of this blog represents significant growth & character because of a little known secret…

The Persistence Test!

My business parter Mr. Bob Leitz acknowledged my personal & professional adversity through two ways:

1. Reading aloud to my fellow business men & women what anyone should do if troubles or problems arise.

2. Also by recommending a strategy to grow through difficulties and obstacles not allowing them to define you.

I would like to thank Bob for acknowledging a common habit among myself, young & older people alike.

When troubles (bills, death, spouse, children, finances etc.) begin to surface in your life the purpose is to build your character when facing tough times.

If Albert Einstein would have listened to his family/friends that called him everything less than smart… He wouldn’t have become any greater.

Math would not be the same if Albert Einstein didn’t subconsciously use the persistence test.

You, your friends, your family members have to utilize the positive and relative value in life’s most difficult setbacks and trials.

If you are financially unstable, broke.

Understand there is an opportunity waiting on you to make money.

If you are facing adversity at your workplace.

Understand that you can have a much better day tomorrow or even a better week.

If relationships and spouses begin to overwhelm you and stress levels are high.

Understand that there is a valuable lesson to be learned and gained through both good and bad experiences. Learn how to find the message.

The Persistence test allows you to plan for those tough times, ahead of time.

If you know driving your car everyday could eventually lead to a flat tire, or maintenance repair…

There is no need to over extend an emotional rant when it needs fixing.

Just fix it and continue on.

In life our problems and obstacles are as big or small as you let them be.

Don’t make a habit of freaking out or over reacting before you logically find solutions.

Like my other business partner Sheri says, “Be Solution-Oriented.”

Meaning: when there’s a setback in your day, week, even month be solution oriented and find all possible solutions and go for it.

My goals are to succeed even when in doubt.

My plan is to plan for the toughest among hardest days yet to come.

To make this clear: I am not suggesting you sit and wait for adversity.

Just be ready when you see it, or feel it creeping up.

The persistence test teaches you how to subconsciously raise your self-worth.

It also helps you build strong character.

So just remember if its one of those days, keep the persistence test in mind because it stands the test of time!! Literally.

And I’m

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