Top8 People I Most Admire… The one and only television supernova Ms. Oprah Winfrey!  Whether you hate her or

absolutely adore her (as I do) you have to appreciate her talent and success.  Over the past 30 year’s she has entertained

audiences and captivated crowds  everywhere.  Her humility and commitment to service exposes her true character to

the  world. MY goal is to one day be mentioned in the likes of the greatest to ever do it.

Couric.PNG I admire Katie Couric former host of The Today Show and currently the only woman to

anchor a network alone; because her story makes my dreams seem attainable. After reading  

Katie; The Real Story by Edward Klein, I realized just how close I am to achieving my dream

TV job. Katie began her journey through an internship with CNN which eventually landed her a 

15 year career. I admire her because of her balls to the attitude and hr “play to win” guts!!

  One of the best On-Air Personalities to ever do it…  BSwift!!! I admire BSwift for turning an internship into a career path. Interning for Hot 96.3

nearly eight years ago and becoming an overnight radio personality genius. Not to mention he has a great hand in party

promotion, being able to bring the whole city out to any event he’s hosting. The livest, most hard-working guy in

Indianapolis keeps a low profile while inevitably staying on top! I admire him and his hustle.  


I admire Thomas A. Johnson because he was the first African-American black journalist

to work for The New York Times. At a time when race was especially significant Johnson was

able to overcome obstacles and break barriers for many black journalists today. I commend

his relentless effort at becoming the first. It must have taken tremendous courage and faith.

I  admire Mr. Thomas A. Johnson because I have big dreams of writing for The New York Times


My Mother Tawanna Walker makes the list because she was my very first teacher. She taught

me how to treat others, respect myself, and how working hard pays off. At an early age my

Mother prepared me for life by reflecting on her experiences and showing us how to grow as

young women. I admire her because she always worked and provided for my sister and I while

teaching us the most essential part of life, love. 






I admire Debra Lee because of her dedication to education and her position as

the CEO of  BET network channel organization. With a law degree from the John F.

Kennedy School of Government, Mrs. Lee has served on the Boards of Directors of

various companies and organizations before taking her stake in the network. I

admire her because she has paved the way so that I can obtain my dream job as

Ceo of a major Network.   


 Michael Jordan has got to make the list because he made me fall in love with basketball. Hell any sport for that matter

(lmbo). I remember watching him play in my Grandmothers living room with my Grandpa. Michael Jordan taught the world

that being great at something can truly reward you. He turned the world of basketball, endorsements, and

international superstar dom to it’s knee’s. He created image, lifestyle, and product. I admire him for changing the world of

basketball and reshaping the dynamics of African-Americans globally.  



 Hank Aaron definitely makes the list because he was thee best all time hitter in baseball.

He still holds the record for most hits at bat. I admire Mr. Aaron because when you have a

dream or goal in life, it’s not just about fulfilling those wishes… but actually becoming a

legend at what you do. Be the absolute best you.



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