Be Cool. Stay Calm Attitude

Reverend Al Sharpton @ Eastern Star

Read this hypothetical story and use the advice given when Reverend Al Sharpton visited Indianapolis, IN last month.  This is a real-life scenario evaluation to help when dealing with law enforcement. In case it happens to you…

Has this ever happened to you?

“I was just driving down the street and for no apparent reason I was pulled over by the police.”

Officer: License and registration?

Sir: Here you go (slightly reaching in the glover compartment).

Officer: Know Why I pulled you over, sir?

Sir: No officer I don’t?

Officer: (NO REPLY)

Officer: Step out of the vehicle.

Althougth this conversation was presented to me by a person who will remain anonymous, this situation has occurred on several occasions throughout our city. Reports have been made on several occasions to law enforcement administration however nothing seems to change. 

Upon Reverend Al Sharptons’ one-day visit to Indianapolis, IMPD took a major hit in unethical, unprofessional, and abuse of power allegations.

Don’t believe me? Check out Brandon’s story by clicking here

Reverend Al Sharpton

We may ask ourselves why Young black teenagers refer to officers/law enforcement  as “pigs” (negative connotation) but there are instances stemming from such animalistic treatment and condition bestowed on the African-American community. We are worried about our hard-earned tax dollars being used in the mistreatment of.  

Reverend Al Sharpton was guest speaker at Eastern Star Baptist Church here in Indianapolis, IN. Over one thousand people came out in support of a two-room evening prayer service.

Among the Pastors there Jeffery Johnson and the President of the Ministers Alliance of Indianapolis.

 To combat such harassment in the future the evening service featured a video explaining to the young audience members how to behave if ever pulled over.

Be Cool. and most importantly Stay Calm. Attitude

 This blog is not to demonize the cities great efforts in keeping our streets safe, this is more so geared to younger audiences that attract unusual run-ins with law enforcement.

Remember to keep reading 🙂

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