Busy, busy bee

Yes!!! I have been  so productive lately. Finishing projects, beginning new ones, making connections, networking, and best of all… loving every minute of it!

I enjoy over booking my schedule, having 5 minutes to complete my breakfast burritos in the lobby of the office, and yelling at those stinking red lights that always make you late to appointments. (Just kidding)

Whats up with me?

I recently came out as Chief Editor/writer  for  ShowOFF Magazine’s July edition. I wrote the two cover stories on R&b singer  Bobby Valentino and the sexy reality star Kim Kardashian.

Next, I’ve been working closely with publisher Cliff Robinson coming out with my first issue of Scoop Magazine August 11th. (Tomorrow!!)

I attended a fashion show with guests Miss Indiana Gabrielle Reed plus a ton of community events. Check out the Community section to read more.

With all that. I can still find time to enjoy the latest comedy show with Cedric the Entertainer (August 7th) and concert featuring Drake August 13th.

I love my busy, busy life. I wouldn’t ask for it any other way!

“Work,” they say… I say, “I’m just getting started!!!!”

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