Understanding the Importance of Meeting New people

At the very heart of each city lies a networking Maven.

A Maven, according to Malcolm Gladwell’s (The Tipping Point) is a person who is well-connected and gifted at connecting others through networking, events, and socially.

I am a Maven… right out.

I have a strong ability to meet new people, travel to new places, and have fun doing just that!

I enjoy connecting people of various ethnic backgrounds, socioeconomic status, even religion.

You grow the more open-minded and receptive you become when meeting people of different backgrounds, career paths, or industries.

As a professional I encourage folks I meet to attend public functions, city government sessions, even libraries are a great way to meet new faces and learn new things.

Understanding the importance of getting out of your comfort zone and exchanging friendly emails, or contact info can prove beneficial in the long haul.

So who are we kidding?

Get out there and shake as many hands, meet as many people, and encourage others to become more receptive of new ideals.

I’m just saying…

Keep reading.

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