Sex Therapy. What will you find?

As adults we engage in behaviors that are more intimately related. Talking with an expert Sex Therapist can help you aviod trouble in the bedroom.

Here is some preliminary information I’ve gathered.

SEX. The famous three-letter word that is often the topic of conversations, even blindly.

We talk about it with our friends, family, and we see it on tv.

So what makes it difficult for sexually engaged partners to be open  & free about desires, likes, dislikes, even discomfort?

The silence begins.


Many couples, singles, or marriages often result in break-ups or mishaps because people are unwilling to discuss troubles or inconsistencies with their partner.

For instance,

Men will politely inform you of a behavior, touch, smell, or position that they like…

While women tend to ignore opportunities of expression.

Women hold dear their most sensual sides possibly due to emotional uneasiness or  timeliness.

Women are often the main problem when it comes to expressing uniquely and individually the desires of the heart and being most candid in sex conversations.

Unlike with a room of women who are openly discussing the do’s and don’t of sex. Women are not held accountable when it comes to pleasing and catering to.

Is this true? Or not?

Men are consciously aware of their bodily processes and enjoy open conversation of the most erotic, or sexual encounters.

Why do women shy up or shut down?

Of course there are always exceptions to every rule considered.

You may know of a guy that is shy about such a rare topic.

You may also know the girl who openly flaunts her sexual behaviors proudly and boastfully.

Either way there is such a thing as sex therapy.

Doctors that are trained to diagnosis and assume the possible reasons for why there is a disconnect when it comes to being honest about the most talked about topic.


You should try sharing with a partner you real feelings of pleasure, pain, and intensity that way you’ll always leave satisfied and understanding.

Ya know. Fun Topics.

Keep reading.

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