Switching gears & changing lanes…

Before I learned how to drive I used to watch my Uncle drive his stick shift Toyota (i think) truck. I could not for the life of me understand why he switched gears so much…. Even when changing lanes.


I look back now and realize switching gears actually made the car move. In order to speed up or change a lane you had to be in the correct gear.

I use this example because it relates directly to life’s stories.

Every day we are in a different gear moving forward with projects, work, and school making our car go forward.

Sometimes we tend to slow down, or get distracted (to say the least) and our car tends to putt along. 9/10 times we are probably in the wrong gear making our life (situation) more difficult and hard to push.

I want all you cars out there to be careful when switching lanes especially without signaling.

What am I saying?

Just because you aren’t going fast enough your car is still moving. As long as you switch those gears, stay focused, productive, and encouraged you will move along fine.

Changing lanes may result in battery failure, accident, etc so be careful when life pushes you to jump tracks (lane). Be familiar with the road ahead and plan as best you can.

We’re all like my Uncle’s stick shift because we all have to work (switch gears) to be fulfilled in this here thing called life.

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