Is it polite to ask a woman… “Why aren’t you married?”


I would like to take some time to ask…

“Is it polite to ask a woman, Why aren’t you married?”

I’m unsure.

I know it’s impolite if you ask a woman, “How many months pregnant are you?”

…and they’re NOT prego’s. (Big no-no!)

So why is it acceptable to ask the marriage one?

What I do know is I recently have been asked by several married men… “Why aren’t you married?”

This is a million dollar question if you ask me.

I always politely respond in the same manner… I haven’t found someone with the same interests.

A cheap response that usually leaves the questioner stunned or shocked.

 I  normally am un-bothered by questions… but this one is different.

You may start to wonder, yeah, why am I not married?

You may begin to question your self and your personality traits… whats wrong with me?

Or you may think of yourself as not ready…

Whatever the case maybe… I say layoff the marriage questions.

I think there are better ways of inquiring. lol.

This is my personal interest only!!

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