Questions for BFA Entertainment



Thank you for taking the time to answer the following questions about BFA Entertainment.  Scoop the Entertainment Source is the largest tabloid size paper in Indianapolis. We reach over 22, 000 readers each month!! Copy/paste questions in a word document and send answers to  Today!!

We’d love to know more about BFA??

1. Brother From Another (BFA) is a unique phrase, tell us how that name came about?

2. At what point did you decide to brand yourself into a company, CEO?

3. How do you define success in the industry right now?

4. When did your concert series begin to take off ?

5. How can fans get a copy of BFA Entertainment dvd?

6. What steps have BFA taken in order to position your company as a premiere label in the Midwest?

7. With the launch of BFA-dj’s, can you let us know who represents BFA on the 1’s & 2’s?

8. Representing the Midwest, which states have shown BFA the most respect (i.e. traveling, video shoots, promotion, parties, etc)?

9. What does the road ahead look like for BFA Entertainment?

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