Doing What you love…

Of all the things in the world such as materials, riches, and fame… the most significant of them all can not be accomplished fully without doing what you love.

For me, that is.

I rest assured daily thinking I am blessed to do what I love, my first passion, writing.

From the time I learned how to write I developed a joy for writing. Short stories, long stories, essays, even poetry.

I strengthened my love by learning and training in professional fields of interest. Television, radio, print.

I grew fond of reading materials such as magazines, newsletters, and brochures. 

I began researching and developing my skills and perfecting them to the deepest core. I am a writer.

By day and by night. I have no complaints.

For the love of un-professed words, literature, and novice are sure to meet paper near and far.

The ability you have and the power you feel through your words which can enlighten, inform, and educate simultaneously.

The great honor one feels as a writer to script a life likewise to their counterparts. I am a writer.

Wouldn’t have it any other way.

There are realms and areas for which we write and inspire. Nearly doubled since the turn of time.

The Harlem Renaissance resounds in my fore memory as if I lived through it. Do it!

The era of Stokely Carmichael, the Lorraine Hansberry’s, Ernest Gaines, and the Malcom X has not been in vain.

For the young writers of today too crave the cry of the lowly, unheard, soul-tied humans.

We have duty and right to remember, recite, and rehearse the privileges set forth here there in.

Words my dear, are just words until you give them meaning. Power.

Webster’s might often look to my dictionary for consult.

Not schooling, nor professors proclaimed my innocence to herein give my opinion.

Like time, we dwindle away if opinions and idea’s are suppressed. Ha ha uh un. Not me.

You won’t catch me hidden or disguised in distasteful regret. You haven’t met me yet.

So to come is… me. Who and what I want to be! Dare to be. ME.

Thanks to all who support and understand. I won’t let the enemy get my upper hand. Eventually,

books, novels and poems in high demand. Newstands. Catch me here and there.

Probably everywhere I want to be.



  1. spuddarug randoph

    writers ‘n cool ass artistes like myself should come together as one and recreat life for what maybe or other wise and on to more talent and other artistes may come as one in other countries or races ,the more we understand one another ,the better your off with be yourself .there can be only one anyway.

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