New York’s Celebrity Fashion Stylist

Friday December 1oth I spoke with renown fashion stylist Christian Ruart at the 2010 Coogi Women casting.

Christian Ruart can be seen on Bravo’s hit show “Housewives of Atlanta” as friend/PR for Sheree.

 He also appeared in Philadelphia last week as a guest judge for reality show “Real Time Models.”

Ruart has worked with many top celebrities like Halle Berry, Michael Jackson, Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Tyson Beckford…

He’s worked all around the world including Paris, London, and New York City.

Today, Ruart busy casting models for two fashion lines in NYC.

Designer lines include Married to Mob and Coogi, Willie Knox 

If that isn’t enough to know about Ruart’s lasting career in the fashion industry, here’s a little more…

Ruart has over 30 years entrusted in the business, beginning with his first casting as an eyelash model… following that up with an audition with Chanel.

He’s worked as booker/agent for the top modeling agencies in the world.

For example Wilhelmina Models, Glamour and Elite.

 As I watched him observe each model that signed up to audition that day I couldn’t help but notice his demeanor.

Ruart, very laid back and personable.

He often instructed me to sit and chat in between castings.

He corrected simple errors made by the auditions and I could see the difference his comments made.

He’s truly genius when it comes to presentation and style.

I was honored to share his space and time and can’t wait to visit NY again to chat more!!

At the end of my interview he instructed me to work for him.

I put on my best model face and did what I thought was a model walk. (embarrassing)

After I walked he told me  to put my hands on my high waist and walk again. So I did.

He smiled when I finished and hugged me politely.

Such an enchanting, laid- back, hard working fashion spirit!


I would like to express a deep thank you for his nephew and my bestfriend @IamMrExecutive for allowing me this opportunity.

Thank you.

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