The Latest Buzz @ I.E.L. Fashion Presents…

With an incredibly talented, educated and diverse work history, I.E.L Fashion was established.

Founded in Quincy, Massachusettes which is also home of partner company  Lavish&Lush Event Planning and Coordination, 2010.

I.E.L. Fashion presents the ethnic, urban, and authentic fashion sense ifor today’s less modern voice.

The alternative for fashion is suicide and I.E.L. Fashion doesn’t just leave you feeling sick with it’s pheonic spelling (ill)…

They give you an experience like no other fashion or entertainment team can recreate. They are the “reel” deal.

It’s headquarters are located in New York, New York with point offices in Indianapolis, and Boston.

The company was founded by three separate and successful organizations.

The name I.E.L. stems from a play on words of each specific entitity.

For Example I. for IndyIntern (subsidary of TNW Communications); E. stands for Executive Entertainment (Grand-father umbrella company); and L. comes from Lavish&Lush Event Planning.

This unique company combines the individual strengths of it’s member partners and entertains all the long way.

Traveling to city to city from state to state they organize, plan, and execute major budget trade, fashion, and entertainment shows.

You can contact I.E.L. Fashions through

See Below a special sneak preview of I.E.L. Presents “The Audition”

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