Traveling road and green pastures… I.E.L Fashion bio

                   It’s your favorite Intern checking in telling you all about my New York City and Massachusetts adventure the past      week.  

                   I am eager to work with many specialized event coordinators such as Lavish&Lush from Quincy, Massachusetts.

Lavish&Lush Event Planning and Coordination accompanied by Boston model Monique

                       The Journey to reach these amazingly talented females was fulfilling within itself.

                       The Chairman or Grandfather company is owned by Mr. Executive from Executive Entertainment NY, IN.


Mr. Executive

           The focus of a traveling tour of Fashion, Entertainment, and News is to add value to the poplar trends and modernity.

           ” A youthful company that focuses on the green pastures of finance, business, and accountability.  ”        

                                                                                    – W. Diaries

             And Then there is Me! Tia Walker formerly known as Indy’s favorite Intern, best known for her work with  TNW Communications and being Assistant to Christian Ruart most notably.

Tia Walker b.k.a. Ms. Indy   


       “If I were you I wouldn’t be caught outside the loop…saty informed on fashions, news and entertainment tours coming to cities, towns near you!!!

                                        ~W. Diaries

I approve this message.


  1. Alexissss

    Woow! Two days ago i had found the Mobile Phone TV… o-oo I’m so glad that I decided to advise you too l:)

    I consider myself a bit of a road warrior. I am on and off jets and through airports at least twice,
    usually 4 times a week. I can catch up on news, watch a Discovery program, check up on the stock market or just find something interesting.
    The live guide works like cable at home and the connection speed is very good. All in ALL – I RATE A 5 Star program!

    here is this miracle 🙂
    sincerely, your Alexis….

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