New Year… #2011

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The last day of the year folks!

So many exciting new things have transpired over the last twelve months for Indy’s Favorite Intern!!!

That’s right.

Lets quickly take a brief glimpse in what now is the memory of 2010.

IN 2010  Indy’s Intern began working

for Radio One “The Urban Media Specialist” @IMC (see blog)

for Fox Networks…

I was offered the Managing Editor position at Scoop “The Entertainment Source” magazine.

I did  freelance videography.

I traveled to Miami, FL for Memorial Day Weekend… and had a blast!

I attended hundreds of community sponsored events in the greater Indianapolis area…check out the community section.

I learned how to manage a publication.

I was studio ASSISTANT at Indy’s Music Channel for Deacon’s The Tease, JJ’s Freestyle, AND Wrekk 1’s The After Party.

I heard Reverend Al Sharpton speak at Eastern Star Church..

I spoke out against Police Misconduct in Indianapolis.

I laughed a lot.

I ate something new.

I attended a fashion show at The Canal Walk in the Indiana State Museum.

I set up meetings.

I made over a thousand phone calls.

Sent a million emails… (slight exaggeration).

I babysit my niece and nephew.

I thought before I spoke.

I attended my First College Graduation ceremony at Indiana University.  wink*

I was recognized as a Journalist, and reporter.

I published a book entitled W. Diaries.

I ate Chinese food.

I day dreamed.

I ended a bad relationship with a friend.

I ignored phone calls… (sometimes not on purpose)

I lost several close friends. (not too sure of the reason, but there always in my prayers)

I organized a successful magazine!

I was asked to assist New York City’s #1 fashion choreographer/stylist Christian Ruart.

I planned a successful  model/talent casting call in Indianapolis, IN 12\17 

I made a business plan..

I started my 5-year goal growth chart.

I visited NYC, Boston, and Connecticut.

To say the least…

I worked MY BUTT OFF!!!

Can’t wait till 2011…


I founded my own company in Quincy, Massachusettes   I.E.L. Fashions.


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