La nuestra oficina… Tylaine Building

Hey World…!!

I just recently leased my first Office space located in the Tylaine Building in Indianapolis, IN.

I am eager to begin this new journey for my Saviour, my heart, and my colleagues!!

I have made several affiliations throughout the past decade of my work history and will utilize those connections to become a Marketable entity in the business field.

A little about the Company…

TNW Communications

Founded In: Bloomington, IN

Date: December 2009

Owner/Chief Operating Officer: TIA WALKER b.k.a Your Favorite INTERN a.k.a Ms. Indy

The company’s initiatives opens the doors of possibilities to branding, self promotion, touring, and creative management directly to your consumer or target audience.

We strive to provide results with effective measures and tools…

Our company motto is:

“You can write in a circle, you can write life upside down” 

Stay connected @IndyIntern to find out special promotional/seasonal rates!!!


  1. Yahinus

    Tia keep doing big things your always on your job. I pray you go far in your career and Im def a persons who’s standing behind yoh 100%

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