“In the city of Chicago” interviews. vacation and more!

Good afternoon readers and friends…

I am pleased to bring you info on my newest interview-“E”

This past week I have enjoyed the blue skies of Illinois visiting with my family as well.

I multi-task using my resources located right in the heart of Chicago.

This was not a typical visit either. “I didn’t go to the Planetarium, Chicago Zoo, or Cultural Museum like usual…”

Work and relaxation were combined for my seven-day adventure!!!!

I discovered a side of music that is renown and recognized all across the world…

“Chicago House Music.”

I have been researching and developing my story over the ‘History and beginning of House.”

Many of us Midwesterners appreciate this style and form of music however are unaware of its orgins.


Great news… your favorite Intern is bringing all the facts with her.

In my exclusive Interview I’ll reveal never before details, trends, and fads of the past.

Look forward for previews and samples of the original piece coming to

“Indy Intern”

@IndyIntern and

facebook ; Tia Walker

KEEP YOUR EYES AND EARS CLUED… oh boy whats next!



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