14 small gifts that go a long way… A Man’s Countdown to Valentine’s Day


Guys?… want to know how to make that special girl fall in love, again?

Shhhhh….I have ALL the secrets!

It’s simple.  

This day is very special for couples, AND those dating.

Make this year different by re- evaluating the purpose, likes, even dislikes of your mate.
a) show them you really care
b) and save time & money

Here are 14 small (inexpensive) gifts you should give your Mate beginning February 1st.

1. Give unexpected compliments to your mate

2. Send a sweet morning text

3. Give your mate their favorite candy treat

4. Write a special note and share it w/ them

5. Send flowers

6. Run a hot bath for your partner after a long day of work

7. Cook dinner for the two of you

8. Bring lunch to your mates job

9. Prepare your mates laundry/chores around the house

10. Clean the house thoroughly

11. Buy your gal a special little black dress

12. Find 1 thing you like about your mate and tell them, everyday

13. Plan a day of relaxation at the spa or a nice personal massage

14. Call your mate just to say, “I love you”

Make this Valentine’s Month Special for you and your partner.

Use the tips everyday to re-unite, arouse chemistry, or start new relationships.

It’s nearly fool proof!
Start today with one of these great and fairly inexpensive ways to please your mate!!!


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