“Trends” plus Spring Fashions

The time is coming ladies and gents… Spring!

With Summer fastly approaching it’s time to get those beach bodies in perfect condition for the sun.

After attending festivities for NYC  Fashion Week 2011 presented by Mercedes-Benz, I stocked up on all the latest designs and colors.

I shopped the racks in many of our favorite department stores to recreate an affordable Spring  wardrobe every girl will love!

My first stop was Macy’s on West 34th Street (NY) .

The 12 floor department store was busy with Holiday shoppers, couples, families, and of course Indy (Me)!

Macy's Dept. Store (NY)

I browsed the major brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Style & CO, Calvin Klein, and Lauren by Ralph Lauren to find specific trends and or colors.

I found vibrant colors including turquoise blue, yellow’s, orange’s, and neutral bases.

I was surprised to see the many of the popular brands conform with simple Spring colors.

Brands like INC International appealed to the sense of women and style however.

As I wasted some time checking out the 75% Sale’s rack my Assistant and I played around with some winter looks.

Here are some great examples of Fall 2011 wardrobe:

Tia wearing Macy's INC International

Spring this year is all about the polished office look…! Featuring the “Kensie” jacket priced at 138.00 or the Wool Blazer at 290.00 each.

Also in this season are “Lucky” Brand Jeans, style boot cut and easy rider fit.

Ladies keep around those khaki colors because they always fall back in style!

Hints of stripes and flare were featured styles at Macy’s this season.

Visit http://www.macys.com for more info!!


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