Why Blog

Why Blog?

I often get asked why I write, update and maintain a blog?

What is it’s purpose?

What use do I make of it?

I then say to myself… Why does anyone do the things they do?

Whether you work for an employer everyday, own your own business, play a sport you choose the daily activities of your life.

Then I wondered… So why are people so critical of my decision to exercise my ability to write news and information.

Facts versus fiction.

Reality tv or your local newscast?

I believe… writing choose me.

I’ve been at this thing since I was a young girl.

It’s something I love to do!


Freedom of speech.

Freedom of voice.

Freedom of choice.

Blogging is for me.

Not for everybody.

It’s why I’m unique.

Real or corny

It’s Neat. lol.

So stop wondering and just read. Thanks.


  1. twalker123

    well Christian you are free to voice opinion and I appreciate it! blogging is my hobby and does offer opportunities to make money as well. I edit and write for a tabloid paper to also publish my work so this isn’t a one stop shop. lol

  2. Christian

    Well, I might be one of those people that do not understand why people blog. People say it is fun but I think its just an idea of someone or information that someone is putting out there for others to read. To be honest some people play a sport because that is how they live it pays them money to do what they do. It is a profession not just a fun activity. What I’m doing is blogging now and its voicing my opinion to you but I do not see the reason to do it rather than putting an article in the newspaper.

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