The Real Housewives of Atlanta

It’s season 4 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and the weaves & attitudes are bigger than ever!

Nene, Sheree, Kandi, Kim, Phaedra, and Cynthia are sure not to disappoint us this time around.

With season 3 ending with Cynthia’s marriage, a rough (singing)  patch between Kim and Kandi, Nene’s divorce and Sheree’s well… just Sheree.

I can’t wait to see how the ladies have matured, right?

The first episode showed a vulnerable but (RICH) Nene fighting with former friend Sheree. DRAMA.

The whole confrontation seemed more like a make-believe improv.

Apparently Sheree’s been’s going around saying Nene stole money from an event both ladies were invited to.

My question is why fight over money?

Since it makes for better drama, Sheree arranged a meeting at this upscale restaurant to confront Nene.

Instead of having a nice pow while and getting past it. The ladies proceeded to spew hate towards one another. Like Nene having rotten teeth, or Sheree having homes/cars repo(ed). (Great TV!)

They left obviously frustrated because nothing was accomplished other than bickering.

This season is expected to be the most anticipated and most watched in Housewives history.

Can’ t wait to dish more!!  What do you think?

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