Black Friday; Deal or no deal

Macy's Dept. Store (NY)

The day after Thanksgiving is not just for resting after all that turkey and stuffing… it’s for shopping of course!

Black Friday is one of the most anticipated shopping days of the year.

Outlets, Malls and retailers will open their doors at extra early times to give shoppers the best bang for their buck!

Shoppers are expected to line the aisles searching for the latest gadgets, toys and accessories.

Wal-Mart will be among the first to open its doors at 10p.m. on Thanksgiving night!

Wal-Mart boasts $5 barbies,  $10 jeans. even a Samsung 51 inch tv for  $498.

Competitor, Target plans to open there door’s at midnight.

Target is expected to match prices of Wal-Mart… (So get out there and check sales!)

Macy’s shoppers can get 50% off Sharper Image Dockers station for the Apple iPhone and iPod.

Early bird shoppers can purchase an exclusive Justin Bieber fragrance.

Either way this Black Friday may have the deals that you’re looking for this holiday season.

So get out there and DEAL people.

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