Politcians; the cheating spouse


Google image; Love

It’s going on 2012 and the list of cheating politicians continues to grow yearly. I do not believe that cheating is the most ‘shocking’ dilemma these gentlemen have been confronted much less their political careers. The allegations surrounding the cheating such as prostitution, impeachment, and or public humility top the lists.

When will public figures learn the importance of their role in the media world and how their irresponsible and somewhat untimely decisions affect the world around them. Here are some of the more shocking allegations within the last two decades:

* New York Governor Eliot Spitzer resigned after allegations surfaced of his involvement with prostitues of the “Emperors Club.”

* How can one forget former Indiana Senator John Edwards? He was caught cheating on his wife while she underwent cancer treatment.

* Senator David Vitter was publicly embarrassed after being among the clients of the “DC madame.” He said, “This is a very serious sin in my past, for which I am completely responsible.”

* San Francisco Governor Gavin Newsom came clean about his affair with then campaign manager’s wife.

* Former Presidential candidate John McCain admitted that his second wife Cindy was the mistress in his first marriage.

* Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick lied on the stand during a whistler blower trial after an alleged affair with his former Chief of Staff.

* We mustn forget the most famous cheating politicians in all the world? Former President Bill Clinton and the infamous Monica Lowinsky.  Need I say more? He alleged, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman,” during his impeachment trial. Indeed filacio  does count as sexual relations however Clinton was freed of all charges with wife Hilary on his side.



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