The Sportsman

Why are you such a fan? Of sports that is! I cannot tell you how many heads I’ve turned with a sprinkling of basketball or even football knowledge.  I encounter curious remarks from the guys, and squanty shallow faces from my lady peers.

I love sports, dagnabit!

And I am also a girl…

What makes me so different? When asked a sportsman what makes him a fan, he identified several key factors.


Watching all the games.

Wait. He sort of shyed away from “all” the games, to a repeated “most” games statement. Next, the sportsman

likewise said, Watching ESPN, in the morning, also made him a true sports fanatic!

Followed by another recant, saying “everyday” watching sports center or ESPN made him real.

This brings me to an important question. Am I fake? I used to think of the likes of barbie in my younger years though grew out of that phase quickly.

So how am I both guilty and to blame for my sports knowledge and history.

Boys you can’t keep me out the club no longer. I am a sportsman! Devouring count-less games, teams and commercials for my enjoyment.

It’s the excitement of the game that I fell in love with. Having just two minutes on the clock, in the fourth quarter made it exhilarating to participate and chant and cheer for your favorite teams victory.

What about the opponent? identifying their weaknesses and strengths while hopping for a can of whoop ass from the start. Yeah, that’s me! No beer guzzling, hacky sack lovin’, foolsball playing, fraternity brother can deny me from the game. It’s totally awesome!

After narrowing down the Sportsman’s clearly defined definition, I came to a quick and sudden conclusion…

ESPN’S on, maybe next time.


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