The beast of the East

Out of the Eastern Conference NBA Finals who will rise as the victor of game 7?

Many speculate a Lebron

James is out for revenge.

 He hopes to close out the Boston Celtic’s in the final game of the Eastern Conference finals.

Will James finally rise to the occasion to get closer to a championship?

To gain more notoriety and fame?

Let’s face it, Lebron James has played a pivotal role in the NBA’s establishment since playing in Cleveland.

Media have focused a lot of attention on his ability to finish and win.

He has a lot riding on game 7 as he pushes for Lebron fans, and disproves the non- believers.

 It is time to prove it on

 the only stage that matters, the NBA’s title championship arena.

“Prove it!”  Fan’s want to see results!

He has to finish to push past this series. 

So much for easy however… James and the Heat have to try an contain an explosive Rondo, Paul Pierce, Garnett, and Ray Allen off a starting Celtic’s bench.

 The race to win begins tonight…

Who will become the beast of the Eastern Conference Finals?

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