Rodney King death heard around the country

The death of Rodney King one week from today has made national headlines around our country. The Miami Herald, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, even The Economist reported the mysterious death of King.

Rodney King is now considered a cultural figure after being publicly beaten by four white police officers in Los Angeles, Ca.

The beating took place in the early 1990’s, bringing crucial racial tensions among white and black Americans.

His infamous phrase, “Can’t we all just get along,” rang out in the U.S. relating specifically to the condition, treatment, and accountability on each  race.

After a short trial trying to convict the four officers of the violence on King, they were found not guilty on all accounts.

Once the court issues a not guilty verdict, blacks in LA began to riot.

Groups marched began to march for justice and peace.

Much of the urban communities grew angry and aggressive toward an oppressive police and state government an collectively established the riots.

The LA Riots were an emotional and violent  response to the treatment of blacks versus whites.

Violence, crime and looting happened throughout South Central, LA among others, all erupting in terror and fear for the community.

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